Monday, May 13, 2013

Mission Accomplished

What a drop dead gorgeous day Mother's Day was in Arkansas and to be able to spend it with so many members of my family was frosting on the cake.

Our day started out with my now traditional  early visit to Mom's Rehab home but this particular morning I had my daughter in tow as my partner in crime.  You will see that it does take a village...

My brother in his infinite wisdom had stated a new wardrobe that 'fit' was a definite must for our Mother. AND what better excuse than Mother's Day to carry out that endeavor! The girls which included my sister-in-law, niece, daughter and myself had hit JJill, a women's clothing store, and we had an ensemble of 3/4 pairs of pants, tops and 2 sweaters which all  mix and matched by the time we walked out.

 My daughter and I would be the ones to bestow the haul and ensure that everything fit.

There's a white top with graded neutrals too.

Fortunately we found the recipient very willing. After her Oma's shower and breakfast, my daughter began the makeover with 'her' great idea of a manicure as she had purchased a great pink nail polish just for this occasion and applied it. My job was to tame the new hair cut with some hair product.  Then it was time to begin the fashion show try on to decide on the outfit for the day.
 The blue was our  choice for  the day... 
Thank goodness the sweaters had pockets for her Kleenex!  We opted on the blue outfit and by the time we removed all the tags, added the new fitting comfy socks ( Did you know there were special socks for diabetics?)  and velcro sandals, the morning had  flown by.  Since we were going to pick up Pappa en route to the restaurant, we also picked up one of her necklaces to accessorize.  VOILA.

Mission Accomplished

 I have a feeling there were a lot of happy Moms yesterday...

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  1. Oh what fun you are having - and such nice weather as well! I hope it gets warm when you return again.