Thursday, May 16, 2013

Big Momma...

The mind is a curious thing indeed. Add to that the limitations of sight and it can create all sorts of reality.  Mom usually has her TV on for company regardless of the fact that most times she has no clue what's going on.  Think about how we've all probably used the TV as background noise.

Well, the other morning Mom shared this story with 2 women in their 90's at the Rehab's breakfast table.  They listened as she began this story of how one of the black aides had called her 'Big Momma' and she thought it was a bit unusual since no one else in her life had ever addressed her as such even though she knew she had gained weight due to the prednisone. BUT then she added, other staff decided that that was her nick name and everybody's now calling her 'Big Momma.'  We all got a good laugh out of the story with one sweet woman saying maybe that it was meant as an endearment. I actually cringed as I knew Mom doesn't feel good about all the extra weight and even if she can't see herself in a mirror, she knows how clothes fit and how tiresome it is to move being so much larger.

The story was actually bothersome until I remembered  TV programming talking about the upcoming evening's  showing of  Martin Lawrence who dresses up as a BIG woman in the Big Momma movies.  Apparently one of his movies had been on the previous night as she had drifted in and out of sleep. As far as she knew people were in her room addressing her as 'Big Momma.'

Let's add this one to the books... Another day in Rehab.

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