Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Besides remembering those who serve/have served in our military Memorial Day Weekend and a visit to a cemetery, it is a great weekend filled with family and friends at cookouts, graduation parties, weddings, garage sales and yes garden projects.  Stores's gardening sections insure increased sales with lots of specials at this time of the year  and we obliged by purchasing a new wheelbarrow, construction size.

Isn't she a beauty?


The obvious is that the 2 wheelbarrows that came with me to the End of the Rainbow Valley have long since bit the dust and sometimes the cart is just too big for certain work areas.  

Some people get jewelry for anniversaries. Heck ours have been filled with shop vacs,  mowers, plants and the like...

It is time to re-mulch so Thursday a truckload of mulch was delivered filling our parking area. I am not using the phrase truckload lightly, that's 23 yards of mulch.
You can already see a corner missing as Natureman had already started carting it to the side yard dumping it nice and thick to prevent the forest from swallowing us. Weeds had already been tackled and now mulch to continue smothering new growth.

We worked as a team Thursday afternoon and all Friday. Thank goodness "wet" weather   saved us our aching muscles Saturday and Sunday but we'll be back at it today...

If you call, and we don't answer, you know we are out in the garden using our new wheelbarrow. I wonder if we'll fight over who gets the cart/the wheelbarrow. ????


  1. You are such a lucky girl to have a fancy wheel barrow like that. It looks like so much fun it's all I can do not to bolt out into the rain and run over to help shovel. But I am managing to restrain myself.

    1. I know how much you must miss it. Any time you want to just push one around, just come on over.