Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Community Party in the Garden

Gardens really do look different when you change zones.

Check out the End of the Rainbow Valley western Wisconsin's garden when I journeyed from  ZONE 4  to Arkansas's ZONE 6 . Quite a difference I'd say.

The one similarity is that both these food gardens are being grown due to sustainability. The elementary school kids on the right are learning how to grow their own food. Their elementary school is even setting up out of door kitchens. The school invited the community to join them in the garden last Saturday late afternoon.

One can never learn too early the importance and health benefits of knowing where your food comes from and growing/buying locally grown produce. These urban kids are learning about gardening and using those products as part of their school curriculum.

End of the Rainbow Valley's Veggie Garden

Pulaski Heights Elementary School's Green Garden

These young gardeners learn about soil preparation and planting seeds and seedlings. 

Some students were also filling donated shoes with soil and annuals to make money  for their gardening program in addition to a t-shirt and home made food sales. 

While people picnicked, there was music by both adults and children. 

Some people really know how to do up a picnic! Notice this delectable colorful spread- home smoked chicken and turkey, an thinly sliced beef, 3 different types of cheeses,  stuffed olives,  pickled peppers, a baguette/ crackers to dip in a rosemary olive oil and marinated skewered basil with cheese and tomato prepared by my buddies whose neighborhood school this is. 

What can be better than to be able to spend some time with your community and friends out in the garden?  Don't forget to put on your favorite sun hat and join in...

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  1. What a lovely picnic. The food looks incredible. Speaking of food - I hope you can join us at KaBob in the Village on Wednesday at noon.