Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Don't Name Them...

Two kids arrived on Friday and two goats departed on Sunday. No they didn't die but it's kind of a long story.  You know I never have short stories and I have told you about how we got the Amish Goat Unojo ( one eye).  See blog entry: Sensitive Topic Read at Your Own Risk

What I also mentioned in a later entry was that Unojo had mastitis last summer and had a tough time nursing her first kids in the Valley. 'Sweet' Sally got ripped off in the milk department as her brother Crouton and her competed over whatever milk they could get. Sally ended up being the 'runt' of the barn. She was too little to breed this winter and that meant Natureman was eyeing her for ground meat.  Remember you have to have a use on the farm in Natureman's eyes. ( Don't worry I am always trying to make myself useful!) Besides wanting to turn Sally into hamburger, her Mom, Unojo, had become lame this winter and I knew where Naturman's mind was going. I can't even say 'Run, Unojo, run.'

When the vet finally made it out to the Valley he diagnosed Unojo with a frozen shoulder and arthritis in the knee. Eegads, I could have guessed that but I thought the least he would have done was give her a cortisone injection. But no such luck, he actually offered to put her to sleep.  No way José. We don't how old she is but she was bought to supposedly keep Jacqueline company.

Sweet Sally
OK, Time for Mission A- to save Sally by placing an ad on Craigslist and to find her a good home as a pet. Natureman bought the idea and actually placed the ad but forgot the most important thing which was to include a pic.  So I added both a pic and some adjectives: Cute, sweet, small dehorned one year old doe...

How could anyone in refuse this face?

We had 2 responses by evening. One wanted to know if she was good with 'littles.'  Those human kids, I presumed. This family did have 3 kids of the human variety besides a menagerie of chickens, a dog, fish, turtle, etc...  I invited them to come out to visit but reminded them to bring appropriate footwear.

After attending church the interested family with 3 cute little munchkins came over to meet Sally.  Their Dad changed them into their boots and t-shirts to cover their church clothes. Aren't they the cutest 'littles' even in the rain?

As Natureman pointed out later if a Dad takes care of his kids like this, he'll take good care of his pets too.

Anyhow adding on to that caring feeling, the Dad inquired if Sally would be lonely and we had to be honest that she really shadowed her Mom a lot still and 'might be lonely. We told the story of Unojo and her limited mobility now. Natureman said if he wanted to also take Unojo,  he would throw her in with the deal too. Well, guess what this guy does as a living?  He is a chiropractor and he immediately started working on Unojo's leg. OMG maybe he could actually ease her joint discomfort. And not only would Mother and child be together, he could offer her flat land, not our hilly terrain.

So Sally and her Mom, Unojo, left End of the Rainbow Valley to go to a new home...  better there than into the freezer, don't you agree?

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  1. What a perfect family to adopt them! Isn't it wonderful when the right people and animals get to meet and form new lives?