Friday, May 3, 2013

That Bad, HUH?

Some took it hard that snow was predicted... if he had only waited as we only got rain, lots of it.  Hari Kari wouldn't have been necessary.  By noon though 60 miles away over a foot of snow had fallen in Rochester.  And we lucked out... no snow Mr. Snake, just nasty cold wind, rain and a bit of sleet.

Seriously we don't know if a hawk/ eagle/owl/? dropped this snake. It was gone by the next time we walked down our road.

C'est la vie.  In the End of the Rainbow Valley, here today, gone tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Ewwwww! That looks disgusting. You know how you'll box up your leftovers at the cafe and then forget to bring them home? Maybe this is nature's version of forgotten carry out. Or perhaps some raptor was cleaning out their pantry and scolding the young ones in the nest that if nobodys going to finish this, we're getting rid of it.