Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tis the Season...

Our beautiful  late afternoon spring walk came after planting our cool weather crops and flower seeds.  We decided to go visit the  Chaseburg Nature Walk along Coon Creek where we discovered work has been going on to the save the shoreline since our last visit. Those huge piles of rocks we saw last month have now been placed to stabilize the banks so that  the water won't continue eating that shoreline away.                                                                                                                                                     
The past year had brought  a lot of storms and snow our way that continued to wreak havoc on the surrounding woodlands.  Many of those trees made their way into the creek diverting its waters. 

Now hundreds of those downed trees are being cleared and removed from the shorelines and water.  It wasn't 'Mike' the Steam Shovel 's noise we heard ferociously working as we headed down the path.  When we came upon him it was obviously who was making all that noise. 

HOW in the world did the weight of the debris not tip him into the waters he was clearing. The bucket would lift entire trees with gallons of water from the creek. 

Coon Creek wants to keep its reputation as the one of the best trout streams in the state and it appears that we will have some really nice fishin' holes... From the looks of the footprints in the muddy shorelines it doesn't look like those fishermen are going to wait for the earth to dry to find out just where those are either.

Happy Fishing!

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