Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Candy

Sunday I succumbed to my first of the season plant purchases.   I didn't even make it in the front door  to pick up my Chicken-Q dinners at Mayfair, a craft show fundraiser for the Heider Center. This show helps earn  monies for the theater program. There in front of the entrance were annuals  high school students had grown. I brought home a flat of pansies along with a couple of running wave petunias so that when the pansies give way to the heat the petunias will be going strong.  Aren't those yummy colors?

Once inside the door there was my favorite garden sculpture artists and I had to pick out a new rebar flower for the garden . I swear it's the best type of plant because it doesn't need watering and it can't die from neglect/ too much water.

Newest  6 ft addition to the sculpture collection 
As you can see I returned to the End of the Rainbow Valley with much more than the chicken dinners to fill our stomachs...  Ah yes, spring has arrived.

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  1. I wish I could have gotten to Mayfair but we returned too late from the cities. That and after two action packed days with that tribe I was in need of quiet and rest. I must be getting old.