Monday, May 6, 2013

It's That Time Again...

It's difficult to believe but it's that time again when the outside world revisits our lane, the hard top road where our mailbox sits.

Can you guess why that is?

If I tell you that those guardrails are over Coon Creek would that be a good hint?

If you guessed that it's the beginning of 'Trout Season' you would be correctamundo.

Most of us say the water's too high from all this rain for fish to bite but OBVIOUSLY it didn't deter these die hard fishermen.  Some arrived all decked out with their new gear and fishing jackets. If nothing else they looked the part even if they got skunked.  Something tells me the fish don't care what they are wearing.

 I 'll be sure to let you know when they start biting, OK?

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