Monday, July 1, 2013

The Unexpected...

Sometimes it's the unexpected along a car trip that makes it special.  The GPS and Mapquest instructions just couldn't see eye to eye this trip but it was just this discrepancy that brought the car upon this peculiar scene.

It was one of those  "Wait, did I just see an ....?  So I had to turn the car around and check it out.

                                                           Yep, it was...

Yessiree Bob,  it was an ostrich and emu farm.  The ostriches were  prancing and stretching their wings. And boy can they move!  These birds are so prehistoric looking. The emus were molting and well, no animal is very attractive when it molts. I have no clue why you'd raise them so I looked it up.  Well, I discovered that they are known for their low-fat meat, oil or leather. Hmmm. Have you ever eaten emu?

 If you look at the picture on the right and you'll see something on the ground and no, it's not a stone.

It's an EGG.

 So I climbed through the fence and ran as fast as I could to grab it before the Momma noticed so I could have it for breakfast.
Who am I kidding?

                                      How could I could take her egg? Have a great week.