Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Berry, Berry Nice

Weeding has been more difficult than usual with our Wisconsin summer's rainy June and extremely buggy hot July weather.

Natureman decided to plant the new raspberry bushes roadside inbetween the coop and the wild, and I mean, wild as in crazy asparagus patch, that airy looking mass on the right, raspberry bushes on far left in the front.

To tell the truth,  access and soil will definitely be better for these new raspberry bushes and so far there have been some very good berries picked.

But there are more berries to be had and  off to the back pasture Natureman went on a 90 degree day to pick a bucketful of black berrries that Mother Nature has provided.

It is a very sticky job in more ways than one. Besides juices, those brambles can be torture even with long sleeves and pants. (Hint always wear your thickest jeans.)

 Super sweet haul!

I am afraid that they might get polished off  before they have a chance to  make it  into a pie...

Have no fear,  there are a lot more out there if you want to come picking, but be sure and wear old clothes when you come to go picking in the End of the Rainbow Valley...

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  1. One of my fondest memories is my grandfather teaching me how to pick raspberries. He had a row of them along the garden and the neighbors also a row along the edge of his, so passing between the properties was a long walk between rows of raspberries on each side. Sweet memories...pun intended.