Thursday, July 11, 2013

Honey, I am HOT...

How is it that summer always flies by so fast? I hate to admit it but we are halfway through summer.

10 Summer markers have been met:

1. Corn is way past knee high now that we have had a very hot first week of July.
2. Fireflies have been out in force.
3. Birds are laying their second nest of eggs.
4. Farmers have gotten into their wet fields, hayed & planted albeit a bit later than usual due to rains.
5. Wood has been stacked.
6. Wednesday summer concerts in the park are almost done. 2 left.
7. I survived deer fly season, am dealing with no seeums as are the chickens sweat bees & mosquitoes.
8. The hanging flower baskets are looking a bit peaked.
9. I'm sick of weeding. BTW if you ever want physical exercise you can come weed for free.
10. Our AC has been used.

TO honor this summer heat, this year's new addition to the garden is a Hot Papaya coneflower isn't it HOT?

The blooming princess spirea bushes have doubled in sized ( who marked them dwarf?) and are  a' buzzing with 100's of bumble bees,  the lilies are popping like crazy.

 Every day there's something new opening in the garden.  The seed/tuber planted cosmos, zinnias and dahlias  are blooming. The first hollyhocks have started. 


The prairie flowers are going crazy on the hillside.

Summertime is in full force. Windows are open and evenings are filled with the sounds of owls hooting.

Summer life in the End of the Rainbow Valley being half over only means Winter will be here a lot sooner than I'd like to think...

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  1. Those are some great blooms - I love coneflowers of all kinds. They look lovely!