Monday, July 8, 2013

Fresh... Are you getting fresh?

The garden has started producing and nothing is better than summer dinners straight from the garden. Tonight's stir fry featured sugar snap peas picked this morning. They were so crisp and beautiful green.

Thursday's garden salad dinner consisted of the garden lettuces, swiss chard, beet greens, onion, baby carrots and squash, snap peas, sun kissed strawberries, all topped with sliced hard boiled egg and dill. And yes, the egg came from one of the girls in the coop which is part of the garden plot.

Natureman  also concocted one his infamous homemade salad dressings. YUMMY!

 Of course it was even fresher as we enjoyed our meal on the screened porch.  We can't get any more local nor fresh than eating from right here in the End of the Rainbow Valley...

1 comment:

  1. Yum - it all looks very tasty and fresh.
    What kind of dressing does he make and would he be willing to share the recipe?