Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Kind of Asian are YOU?

You know we are pretty monolithic out here in this Coulee.  As I have mentioned before people either belong to the Missouri Synod/ WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod)/ the German Synod...  you get the picture of blonde and blue eyed and if you don't have these characteristics, you must be from somewhere else, right?

One of the missing links in my student teachers's education seems to be a true understanding of diversity and the bias we bring to the table. Despite/in spite of a university education I am still encountering limited comprehension that not everybody grew up with the same cultural norms/maybe they did. As a multicultural nation we have no clue how long we all have been in this country. We can't assume anything by the pigment in our skin/ shape of our eyes. This past semester I have seen students incorrectly placed in English as a Second Language classes in our schools because of a surname/language usage at home other than English.  I had hopes we had come farther than this. Whoa.

In my past life I used to hold multicultural in-service presentations for different school districts to sensitize faculty and staff to create a better awareness of our cultural bias.  I wish that this video would have existed back then as it could have saved me a lot of role playing...

May this bring a smile to your face with hopes of comprehension of how 'too many' still don't get it.

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What Kind of Asian Are You?

Happy Wednesday from the End of the Rainbow Valley ...

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  1. I loved the video - this was hysterical and yet so commonplace!
    It reminded me of the time I worked at Social Security during the Hmong resettlement into La Crosse.
    The receptionist brought me up to translate for them....because I spoke Spanish.
    This was, of course, after she questioned them very loudly with big lip movements and hand gestures and got no where.
    You have to laugh...or else you'd cry at the stupidity.