Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seattle ,No still La Crosse

Summertime provides an excellent time to rub elbows with your community especially if you go to   Riverside Park for a Wednesday night concert.  While sitting enjoying music you can also catch  an occasional Mississippi breeze.

 Last night was one such evening.  It was so pleasant. I can't tell you how many times dark clouds have either rolled in / out during a summerWednesday evening. A backup locale at a local high school is place if needed. Last night dark threatening clouds decided to open up a half hour earlier than the concert. The heavens let loose and then moved on. It really didn't dampen too many as in La Crosse most people time their arrival within the 10 minutes before anything starts.

The Community Band just delayed their beginning a bit to dry things off since our band shell is not really a band shell.  It's more of a cement stage with a back wall.  In fact the Rotary Club has started fundraising to give us a 'real' band shell.
Last night 900 some odd people filled benches and their own lawn chairs/ even some blankets on the green. Each concert there is a count and we were almost 200 less the previous week. Let's attribute this to that precipitation scaring folks off.  The kids march still had almost 100 youngsters waving their flags and receiving their ice cream coupons.

The musical theme was a tribute to our armed forces in honor of the Fourth. Included was this historical soldier troop who presented and retreated the colors. As one young spectator said: "Cool,"  and we all agreed except those guys have to be hot in those wool uniforms.

I bet they appreciated the breezes more than we did.  I love a nice summer evening without bugs too...
We are looking forward to more concerts in the park and look at our view home.

That Mississippi certainly provides an amazing backdrop.

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  1. I never took advantage of all the fun things La Crosse had to offer, like the concerts. I admire the way you and Irv get out and about to see and do things.