Friday, June 14, 2013

Suburbia to...

OK I am not the only one have made a life changing move (ie moving from the suburbs)  Tonight I had the pleasure to be at the mezuzah hanging of some friends who have made the move from the burbs to "downtown" high rise living in Milwaukee.

Take a look at their new Lake Michigan view from their living room on the 20th floor.
About 20 friends gathered to be part of the blessing of the couple's new home.  'Empty nesting' never looked so good for city dwellers. Their  Rabbi from 'The Shul' on the Northside was there to help in the blessings as a mezuzah was affixed to the entrance doorpost and the bedrooms.

The Cohenims making their special blessing
The front door's mezuzah is affixed.

Master Bedroom's Mezuzah

It appears the couple is very happy with their decision. They're off to a very terrific start even if it's not living in the back of the Valley like the End of the Rainbow Valley having made a life changing move.  Mazel Tov and may they have many simchas in their new abode! XOXO

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  1. How nice to hear you speaking my language! Our mezuzah is held on with velcro on the inside of the RV - wasn't sure how it would hold on the outside.