Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Da Dump...

Every Wednesday and Saturday is Dump Day ( in other words 'Garbage Day' in our township. When you live in the country a garbage truck does not come by to pick up your waste, you have to take it to the dump. Seriously Dump Day is a social event where you see your neighbors as everybody has trash.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I made Natureman stop by the dump on our after dinner ride so I could snap some pics. Come on, I didn't want locals seeing me do this on Dump Day and  talk about me with a camera at the dump.  BUT people passing on the main road actually did slow to see who would be at the dump on a Tuesday and heck to see if they knew who it was.  Come on, who else has a red Miata?

A padlocked gate prevents dumping on non Dump Days but you can rest assured on Wednesdays at 4:30 and Saturdays at 8  a constant stream of mostly pickup trucks dropping off their  garbage ensues. As you drive in the one way drive, most people will back up to the dumpsters. Sometimes kids accompany their folks and help unload their trunks / truck beds and separate the recyclables.

The Dump Master awaits and greets folks upon their  arrival.  He is a character who dons a pony tail and fills out his overalls uniform. Although he will help unload if asked/sees a need, he mainly visits but ensures trash is disposed of correctly. Of course there are 'recycable' rules of disposal:glass, cans, bundled newspapers are placed in separate bins. Good reusable STUFF  is placed over to one side. He displays these treasures on/ by his desk. I think the 'giveaway table' of good stuff is a ploy so that he has more conversation partners. (You read about our rattan porch furniture find last summer...)

Personally I can't imagine sitting there on hot  summer Dump Days as there was a definite stench today.

But look at the view...  Tell the truth now, I know you're jealous that you don't have Dump Days.

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  1. I remember the dump days well from when we lived in International Falls. It was a social event as well as our evening entertainment. Instead of going to drive in movies, it was common to mix up some popcorn, put the kids in their PJs and park at the dump at night to watch the bears paw through the stuff. Everybody's headlights didn't seem to phase them at all.