Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Some creatures come into this world needing a little extra help.  Although Nature has its own sense of balance sometimes we humans tend to interfere for better or worse. Peanut was born last Friday weighing less that 4 lbs. to first time Mom Pantalones.  To me he appeared like one of those emaciated children from Biafra that Time magazine featured on its cover. Peanuts was so fragile looking, I was almost afraid to pick him up. Kid goats I have come to learn are usually standing within the first hour, which wasn't the case with Peanut. He just wasn't strong enough.

Of course I first saw him after he was just 'hatched' and Pantalones had just given her a tongue bath. You know what people saw about someone dripping wet... Well Peanuts even looked worse all wet. Seriously I wasn't even sure if he was alive but then I saw his chest rise and fall. SO now what?

I run to tell Natureman. I know life and death are just part of what happens with all creatures great and small. But should we intervene?  Natureman took a look and concurred Peanut was certainly a peanut. He said to give him an hour and we'd check on him.  Alas ,  Peanut was in the same place upon our return so Natureman  milked Mamacita Pantalones while I went looking for my Baby Shower stuff in which I had a bottle and nipple that used to be just a table decoration. Now I would have the necessities to bottlefeed Peanut.

So dear people at almost 60 I am nursing again.  Every 3 hours I have been warming up Pantalones's milk to feed Peanut.

Those first 24 hours were real iffy but Peanut wasn't giving up. His appetite has increased and although real wobbly the first 48 hours now is getting stronger.

Let's see how long I can stand!
 It's also been super important to have Mom bond with her firstborn since I had to take over the feeding but instinct seems to be working.

Now our next feat is weaning Peanut off the bottle and having her Mom Pantalones nurse her otherwise you know what I will be doing all summer here in the End of the Rainbow Valley...

OK Now what do I do with these teats?


  1. You are such an amazing woman. Nature can be so beautiful and yet so cruel. Had you not intervened poor Mom would have probably watched her first born die. You just don't "look" like a farmer's wife!