Monday, June 3, 2013

Good News... We think

Listen... this is what I awoke to this morning.  It's a pretty big alarm clock...

 I think the birds are very optimistic this morning because today's the day my Mom is breaking out of Rehab after 2 months of recuperation from a serious staph infection and having to relearn to walk as she rebuilt her strength.

Being blind complicated matters and all she could think of was working hard so she could get home. She told me when I left that if she wasn't out in 2 weeks, I was supposed to come back and get her. We never really knew if  all her stories were made up of her treatment there but suffice it to say she wanted "OUT. "

My Dad did keep his word to her and I didn't have to return as modifications in her home of 55 years were readied- hand railings at the front stoop, a rental motorized bed, a raised potty chair, part time care taker hired and PT lined up for home care. Appointments made for a visiting nurse to help provide a now needed diabetic diet and blood sugar visits.

My Dad is facing a much more dependent partner with her return and at 88 I hope he realizes he needs more help sooner rather than later. This is an entirely new stage for them.

I wish I could be as optimistic as the birds...


  1. I feel for you, this is such a difficult time. It's as if you just get the kids raised up and on their own, taking a deep breath that they finally have made it and then the parents become like a second set of children.