Monday, June 24, 2013


Enough already. The heavens have been letting loose and they must have had too many liquids . I couldn't figure out why one of the petunia baskets looked so sad. It couldn't be from lack of water and when I lifted out the basket, lo and behold the plant was drowning.

The petunias weren't the only things getting too much water as besides some nice ruts in our drive,  3 mudslides were obvious along the way to the mailbox.

And I guess you can imagine what Coon Creek looks like with waters overflowing its banks and leaving no pastureland for our neighbor's cows.

It's muddy, real muddy.

Lietke Lane will be underwater after the next down pour.

As Natureman said it'd be great to have a week without rain to dry everything out... We shall see what Mother Nature would like to do about that here in the End of the Rainbow Valley...


  1. Perhaps you need to change the name of your blog to Live at the End of Soggy Bottoms?

    1. Bite your tongue Queen Jester, another storm is rolling in.