Monday, June 10, 2013

Not Much... How 'bout you?

ISometimes the world comes to the Coulee. This weekend WPR brought their nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Feldman’s Whad’ya know? to La Crosse.
Our social secretary, (Oh yes, we really do have one,) made sure to notify our game group couples of the upcoming event. The timing was almost perfect as this would be a great Father’s Day gift for Natureman who religiously listens to the beginning of this Saturday am program en route every week to synagogue.

What I am noticing more and more is the age of the venues we tend to frequent as the crowd tends to be the over 50 crowd. There were some young ones in the filled theater but they were definitely in the minority. When the show's host asked  where people lived - this time the minority also were people from La Crosse. The majority came from else where, either that or La X ians don’t raise their hands. 

Stage props representing the area included the artistic heron statues, dairy equipment and a kayak for floating the Mississippi backwaters.    We couldn't figure out which bird was in the kayak. It could be an immature eagle/ trumpeter swan.

Guests for the program included our very own Congressman Ron Kind who corrected Mr Feldman's statement that our area is the only democratic bastion of the state by listing other areas but concurring  we are known for being 'open minded.'  UW-L Professor Emeritus Claflin,  an expert on the Mayfly and local brewmaster from Pearl St Brewery Katchever and owner of Rudy's Drive-In also were present with some great blues by Mike Munson.

Current topics poked fun at the name change of our local hospitals from Gundersen Lutheran  to just Gundersen Medical Centers omitting all those Lutherans and Franciscan Skemp to Skemp .... besides a lot of references to vouchers.  Re: Vouchers. A major thorn in our sides as public schools are being dismantled by our illustrious Governor Walker and his cronies.

It's been eight years since Wha'dya Know came to La Crosse. I guess those laughs will have to hold us  End of the Rainbow Valley for a while until its next visit...

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  1. I listened to it on the way into shul. My favorite is still Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, which I always miss as it's during shul. That's the one I want to go see someday.The Bucket List is never ending but the must do (cleaning, laundry, etc) seems much shorter...apparently due to lack of interest on my part.