Tuesday, June 11, 2013

After Dinner Road Trip

Finally late afternoon sunshine allowed us time for a jaunt in the Miata south along the Mississippi.  The overlook that had been closed was finally reopened  so we journeyed up the curvy hill to view the hazy scenery below and the super still waters of the Mississippi.

We departed before the bugs found us heading to Genoa and then taking the back roads. I always worry about Amish traffic but we didn't encounter any buggies along the way. 
The only creatures we passed were these two young'uns.


I guess everybody else was busy picking up after dinner.  The scenery was stunning considering a month ago not much was green.  Now with all this rain the farmers are having a difficult time get ting into the fields to plow. 

There's always a surprise element or two on our treks and this one was overhead as we made the last turn to Valley and it was flying 'very' low. If you look carefully, you can see the props in the rear of the wings.  Very cool... Gee I thought we were going to have company for dessert right here in the 
End of the Rainbow Valley...   

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  1. You are living in the land of enchantment, and I don't mean New Mexico.