Friday, February 2, 2018


FOTO FRIDAY concerns my spring project for a Down Syndrome fundraiser called 'Light Up a Life.'*  I was asked if I would like to donate my time and energies to decorate a mannequin as a floor lamp. 

Today Jewel D. La Mississippi got her first undercoat of chalk paint a wonderful neutral background awaiting accessories. As her namesake indicates she will be bejeweled. This is where you possibly could have a part in her  if you can donate any costume jewelry/sea glass/shell buttons/sequins/small bric a brac, etc...  
Jewel without her arms as they were drying..
Jewel is a tall gal and is going to need a lot of jewels. If you live close and have a large unused lampshade in good condition Jewel would love it for her hat. ...

The mannequins will be raffled off this fall (2018) first being on public display early May in Winona National Bank's lobby. Perhaps your workplace/ sun room/ bedroom/ study/ garden gazebo needs a very special lamp/ you'd like to place a bid on Jewel. She can be quiet / party girl depending on her mood.

Progress will be shared as she makes her transformation and becomes a one of a kind floor lamp. She definitely promises to be a conversation piece...

*The focus of Light up a Life is on children at risk. The project is specifically targeting medical risks to children and the financial burden carried by families of children with DS.   All monies from the auction will go directly to the Down Syndrome Associations. (DSAW and MNDSA). Lamps will reflect a variety of mediums;   bold, bronzed, feathered, mosaically. Some nostalgic, retro, and whimsical. The mannequin lamps  are lit up and crowned with unique lampshades creating a work of art that symbolizes light and hope for Down syndrome children and their families.

BTW last week's FOTO FRIDAY was GO LYTELY MY FRIENDS.  I guess you just never know what's coming out of the End of the Rainbow Valley, do you?

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