Monday, February 26, 2018


Mondays mornings certainly can be iffy. Do you by any chance start your Monday to do list Sunday night?  Well, I am one of those people who do and perhaps that's why Mondays can be my most productive day.

But today the best thing was that unplanned activity.  We actually had a winter day starting with sunshine and an unusually 50 degree balmy day.  Natureman suggested a nearby trail walk.  Perfect.

Due to the meltdown our driveway had started its own stream as the surrounding hills's snow seemed to have pretty much melted and I was wondering if I would need waders. 

Coon Creek was really moving with its waters at bank level. The trail fortunately was unusually clear with just a couple of north facing sides with some melting ice.  

It's a good thing we took the walk today because any later we might have missed this year's cliff ice cascades. 

It was a gorgeous day to be outside.

If you have to have a Monday meltdown, this is definitely the kind to have.

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