Thursday, February 8, 2018


TBT: I  had a very nostalgic evening as an Iowa City friend I met when we were young, new parents 30+ years ago posted some photo time with her and one of her grandbabies on FaceBook.  It was like the clearest flashback of when she was a new Mom and the baby on her knee was her daughter, not her grandbaby. We have now come full circle to be experiencing 'babydom' again but as grandparents.

Not only has that arrow flown quickly but my how times have changed. We used to put our babies facedown to sleep, fed solids at 3 months(now recommended 6), had now taboo crib bumper pads, crib sides lowered, amid a myriad of other changes... 

How ever did our kids survive? I bet our parents wondered the same things as they visited us with what we thought were our 'must have' collapsible cadillac like 'Aprica' strollers. Now the must have strollers are a house/car payment. 

I grabbed the 1982 photo album for more time capsule pics.

That thing against my daughter's ear was what we called a phone. Gee the smart phones nowadays just wouldn't make a good rattle like the old days...

Below pics proof time flies like the arrow...  

Me with my daughter  1982    &   Me with my granddaughter 2018

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