Friday, February 23, 2018


FOTO FRIDAY this week is what we face when the ground is still frozen and the rains come. 

Don't get me wrong it's nice to see the snow disappearing but that melting snow and rainwater have to go somewhere. 

Creeks start to overflow and when the temps drop, you can imagine what happens to that runoff water. Yep, it freezes. 

This week has been a challenge trying to navigate.  Our ice skating rink one mile driveway received relief with the late Tuesday afternoon arrival of the blessed plough truck which dispersed a good sanding & salting so we could make it out to go vote.

The iced driveway is just part of  the challenge because once out of the End of the Rainbow Valley, there's the county highway which is pretty clear except for occasional warning signs for both water and dips which become worse in winter, Once in town the streets are amazingly clear but there are still treacherous parking lots and sidewalks to circumvent. 

Knock on wood we will survive another winter without a fall... It's  a challenge to say the least.

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