Thursday, March 12, 2020


Some kids never grow up AND I confess, I am one of those  concerning 'dressing up'. Not as in putting on fancy clothes but creating a costume. I love the challenge of using whatever is around at home to create that outfit.

This past weekend since my buddies Judy and Bert were celebrating beginning their eighth decade with a party, I thought it would be fun for the Jazzergals to dress in different decades as attendees at the event. 

Can you believe not everybody was game? Some of us did follow through and here we are in our regalia. 

 We gave Judy and Bert a good chuckle and that's all that matters.

 We can always wear fancy clothes at other occasions, right?We had a great time Twisting and Shouting...

It was a terrific celebration with 110 of their closest friends.

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