Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Last Friday night our local co-op La Crosse People's Food Co-op featured their women owned vendors and some of their products.

Pearl Street Brewery Tami  Latchever
 owner/marketing& sales director 
Remember the Virginia Slims ad of "You've Come a Long Way Baby?"   

Well, besides eliminating that diminutive of BABY, we still have a ways to go but we're going...

Donations and drink proceeds for the evening went to our local YWCA whose mission is to empower women and erase racism.   

There was a table of sampling products. For example: a bruschetta made with garlic toasted bread rounds with a sheep cheese olive tapenade, topped with chopped tomatoes, onions and microgreens.  We also sampled a cranberry goat cheese ball from nearby Eau Claire goats, and salsa and rye bread, etc...All from different female owned businesses.

Unfortunately unlike last year there wasn't a panel to tell us about these female entrepreneurs: their struggles, business dreams come true / hopes for the future but there was a wall of photos and blurbs about these ambitious hardworking women.  

I think you'll enjoy learning about knowing about some of our female farmers/businesswomen who represent similar women  living in your communities/ area. Be sure to seek them out and patronize their business endeavors. 

Jackie Hoch

Family owners like the Trempeleau Bakery who have owned the bakery for 10 years. Sister Corrie drives delivery. harmony the older sister works the early shift making the dough and prepping for  sally, who comes in by 5 am.

Hidden Springs Creamery - Sheep Cheese makers

Businesses who many times help others in the greater community by donating product/ proceeds. 

Kudos to our local co-op for buying local as much as they can and making sure women owned businesses can also thrive...

Thank you to La Crosse People's Food Co-op for keeping the people in your business of providing good healthy food choices...

* Sorry I couldn't remember all the vendors but there was also Tiffany Cade, River Root Farm, B&E Bourbon Flavored Maple Syrup , Marieke Gouda and others...  

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