Tuesday, August 21, 2018


It must've been  a weak moment after returning from a week away down South. Was I so worn out after the delayed flight and week's activity that I wasn't thinking right? 

Well, folks it was doomed to have happened... I'm coming out of retirement as of next Monday when I will be back on the Viterbo campus alleviating the work of another department member by one class. Yep, it's a compressed accelerated 2 semesters of Spanish into1 class which will meet 3x/ week mid am. Let's see how the rust comes off in the weeks ahead.

Of course, there are clerical changes even if the buildings are the same. Although I have been employed on this campus before rules have changed and I must reapply with not only a resume and references but transcripts again as well. I guess if you live long enough change does happen as now most schools send computer transcripts and the U of Iowa doesn't even charge for this service.  Within 24 hours the registrar's office had my paperwork. Something was amiss with the Colorado application but hopefully this can be rectified shortly. They said my degree name didn't exist. Hmm, 'could have fooled me.

 If all the paperwork including the  background check are not completed before next Monday, a colleague must be in the classroom with me. Seriously.

Anyhoo, there's a classroom tech inservice Friday so only 3 more days before lesson plans occupy my brain space again. The class's text is Claro Que Si translated 'Of Course.' Of course, I couldn't stay out of the classroom forever...   


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