Wednesday, August 15, 2018

93 plus ONE TO GROW ON...

My Dad appreciated all your well wishes. Today the birthday boy kept his schedule and went to his senior swimming class where the 'girls 'had a small celebration in his honor.

Phone calls arrived throughout the day from grandchildren in Atlanta, Boston, Conway and San Francisco, family in Temple, Chaseburg and Little Rock. Friends from Indianapolis, NYC, etc... And then some 80+ well wishes on FaceBook. This 93 year old one was very happy celebrant.

Dinner was at one of his favorite places, The Riverfront Steak House which is known for their salad bar, huge baked potatoes and good quality steaks. Apparently Tuesday night it was also everyone else's favorite restaurant as the place was more packed than I've ever experienced. Although we had a table reservation, we must have waited a good hour for the freshly baked rolls and finally the food.  Wouldn't you know it was the birthday boy's steak which arrived rare vs medium and when it was redelivered he was trying to tell us it was burnt? We knew you couldn't judge a book by its cover and once he discovered its insides just right, disaster was avoided. Going out with this man is never easy as he was genuinely spoiled by our Mom...

Since Dad's mind was set on chocolate mousse for dessert  and the restaurant only had cheese cake, my brother and I had combined 2 chocolate mousse recipes the previous night. The remainder of our celebration was awaiting us at home. BTW Two thumbs up for the mousse.

Ollie the Gnome from Wisconsin'll be staying in
Little Rock
When someone close to you is in their 90's every birthday is special and his upcoming 'guide' spring fishing trip with my brother is greatly anticipated. It's always good to have something in the future to look forward to especially when you are 93.

Happy Birthday Young Man!

Here's to 93 and one to grow on.

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