Wednesday, August 22, 2018


The August birthday that started way before its actually date had to have something unexpected. A special family dinner party to celebrate Natureman's entry into it's 7th decade needed a little extra. 

Besides some Twin City family members who came to celebrate 3 months after the Simchas Galore party, there was another surprise. This one was on the chocolate chip cake. 

Have any of you ever witnessed the Incredible Birthday Candle? Well, I discovered it at a toy store in Little Rock. It's a colored lotus flower when lit opens up displaying 14 lit candles on each petal rotating playing Happy Birthday. The 70 year old birthday boy's joy was priceless.

Here's my shortened version unfortunately without Natureman's expression.
Luckily nephew Leeor who was at the dinner table caught the event on his I-phone because it was half over after I lit the candle and grabbed my phone to video. So I'll attach his movie after he sends it to me. 

Besides the musical candle we were delighted to have Yefet's accordion and the group's singing to add to the celebration.

Happy Birthday Natureman, may good health continue to bless you bis ein und zwansig!

* Note: In addition to continuous playing of the candle's birthday song which needs a wire cut to discontinue it, to my surprise the sandalwood stick used to light the candle continues to burn even after you think you have extinguished it.  Oops one placemat ruined. Never a dull moment here in the End of the Rainbow Valley!

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