Monday, June 4, 2018


Natureman prided himself with 'Bullet Proof'  his CRV approaching  240,000 miles.  Yes, physically his rusty ride rattled so much I could hear it way before it got home.  I always wondered if I would fall through its flooring/ if vacuuming it would be its demise as that country dirt was what was holding it together. Well, almost a month ago, Natureman returned home but I wasn't forewarned from 1/2+ mile away from the familiar noise as he was in his friend's vehicle, not his own.

Apparently heading home after lunch with the boys, there was a loud thud followed by a horrible dragging noise as the right front wheel seemed to cave in just as they just made it over an overpass clearing its peak and stopped. The front axle had broken and the upcoming traffic had no clue as to the demise of his CRV stopped dead in its tracks just in front of them. Luckily Natureman wasn't alone and his buddy had a cell phone. Both men got out of the vehicle quickly to redirect the unsuspecting traffic until the police showed up and place their tow call.

I am so thankful nobody got hurt nor plowed into the guys as they were sitting ducks. A kind soul who saw what happened stopped and offered help and to make a call. Thanks to the good samaritan.

Bullet proof might have been bullet proof but a car cannot function without an axle. So Bullet Proof has become scrap and sold for a mere $50. We know Bullet Proof was worth much more than that.

Thanks for all the schlepping Bullet Proof, besides people you helped schlep our bikes, canoe, kayak and even goats.

That always got you some amazed stares...

May you rest in peace as you definitely worked your tail/ should I say axle off while you were with us... 

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