Wednesday, June 13, 2018


One thing I haven't missed about not being in the classroom/ schools are the inevitable seasonal colds/flus/germs that used to come home with me. 

Yet, I have to admit when I do get something now, it seems to be worse. Is that happening in your household too? Maybe these viruses/ bacteria are worse/ maybe the older we get, our resistance is less.

Anyhow, I caught a nasty cold/ cough and have been hacking for way too long. After trying all the home remedies and just minimal relief, I finally called my physician. And guess what? 

She refused to prescribe meds over the phone (and of course couldn't get me in for another week.)  This precaution comes from the overprescribing of antibiotics. I don't even remember the last time I was on an antibiotic... 

Her nurse suggested going to a walk-in clinic. Thank goodness I was desperate enough and did take her advice because there was a bit of rattling in my lungs. With a Bronchitis diagnosis, the meds were called in to the pharmacy. 

Within 24 hours I was feeling human again. It sure was nice to have relief from the long coughing episodes and sore rib cage. 

So dear readers -May you be spared but if in doubt , don't wait as long as I did to go check it out. Better safe than sorry.

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