Monday, June 18, 2018


Last week I was just talking about summer cold and being chilled and then this weekend we get hit in the Midwest with a blast of summer heat. Okay, actually I had written about a summer cold as in cough and congestion, but one would have thought it was the deep South with the humidity and temps in the nineties. Unbelievable.

Our Father Day weekend plans changed as many other folks's obviously did too... 

We did take Red, the Miata on a road trip to experience Live on Main Street in Cashton, about an hour west but the only folks who had arrived besides us were not locals but 3 different bike clubs from central Illinois. We stuck out like sore thumbs without leather and tattoos. Natureman in his safari hat and me donned in my usual bright colors. 

The bikers had beers in hand and most were waiting in line ordering  lunch at a local bar-b-que eatery just outside the cordoned off Fest area where on the other side was a stage, 

blue grass music playing and not even 10 people inside the tent area listening.  

The heat was radiating from the pavement.

Besides the day's advertised music of 5 different bands, from afar we could see the car show which had originally lured us to attend. It was super small with less than 2 dozen automobiles. So when we discovered there was a $15 entry fee/ person, we looked at each other and knew it wasn't our cup of tea. The Latino music group, Realiza del Sur, I wanted to hear wasn't even on for another 3 hours. We would be melted in less than a half an hour.

We opted for  a walk around the block and discovered a sweet 'green' surprise, a little City garden tucked between two downtown buildings. 

What a smart use of space for a usually ugly dead space! AC units camouflaged by lattice and evergreens.

This gardener loved the old fountain filled with succulents and seeing green besides concrete.

 It was time to move on and leave Cashton for other festers who would arrive later.

Then, as we headed back down the country highway we saw a sign for Midsummer Fest at Norskedalen, the Norwegian Heritage farm tucked in the Coulee. 

Time for a detour.  All was not lost, the outing would continue...

 Check back tomorrow.  

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