Thursday, July 19, 2018


TBT: One year ago I embarked on the Fabulous French Adventure Filled with a Friend, Fun and everything French especially, Food and of course, Fabulous art. 

It becomes even more special as I have also through Facebook just reconnected with a Former student who I taught when she was in elementary school. Raquel (alias Jasmine) is continuing her passions in the Art field. I'm so excited to hear more and I dedicate this entry to her as she loves art.

In case you missed it/ want to visit France through someone else's experiences here's that beginning link. To continue if interested just always go to the bottom of each entry and press Newer Post. Bon Voyage. And when my other life interrupts it check for TBT. I can send you the links. 

It's time for me to assemble that scrapbook... Thanks for the impetus 'Raquel!'


My most favorite part : LUMIERES

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