Monday, July 9, 2018


Wouldn't you agree holiday weekends can be really tiring? This past one was super full with some planned and unplanned events.

Friday was a very special day as we adopted 2 very different personalities.  Yes, 2 more beings are now live in the End of the Rainbow Valley. It's actually the result of a new program from the Coulee Region Humane Society called Working Cats. Working cats are just that they have lived and had outside jobs and are not 'house' cats.  

Since our 14 yr old barn cat, Fluffy, had passed this past year and Scaredy Cat, a sleek feral black cat, had left soon thereafter in addition to our dog Romeo's 15 years slowness/ slacking on patrolling and vermin control, we needed re-inforcements.

Luckily for us the Humane Society had two cats, a  2 and 1 year old from the same farm needing a new home. Both would be spayed and ready to be adopted.

Sometimes privacy helps
 aliviate stess...
Friday mid morning we met them, were given instructions and supplies and back home in 2 hours, installing them in their cages in the barn. Yep, you read that right, cages. We were given 3'X 4' cages where each cat would spend their first two weeks acclimating to their new barn home. After the initial 2 weeks we are to leave the cage door open for another 2 weeks as they continue their acclimation month.

By the time the litter box was in place along with food and water bowls, a towel and blanket not a whole lot of space was left. Yes,  caging 'anything' is difficult for me to do. But apparently with this system only one cat in some 200 working cats has ever run off.  Would you believe the Cat's got my tongue on this one...

Meet Blanca and Bebe. FYI, you'd assume these matches were meant to be as our head goat is Leche. The only issue for this retired Spanish 'Profe' is Blanca is really negra as you can see and Bebe is actually the elder by a year. 
Oh well, someone either didn't excel in their Spanish class/ has a wry sense of humor.

It turns out Bebe is not acclimating as quicky as Blanca. Maybe you can help me with this. After her first night the litter box was found toppled with her blanket inside and she remained huddled in the back corner so I moved her litter box to the front.  But she's still not really eating. Suggestions regarding placement of objects? 

As you can see Blanca and Leche are hitting it off as Leche approached Bebe for a nuzzle through the cage. Bebe might just have her name for being the meeker of the two. Hmmm. 

We shall see.

Life is never dull here in the End othe Rainbow Valley ...

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  1. Is she approachable at all or totally feral? She may just need some cuddling and reassurance if she's up to that. Could she be confined to a smaller room instead of a cage? That is a great program and I'm sure Gracie would have preferred such an arrangement as I think she was a barn cat in the past and would love to be outside. George would be terrified and seems to enjoy the indoors more. Good luck with your babies and I hope the second one adjusts quickly.