Monday, May 28, 2018


Please accept my absence this past week and I promise you'll hear about all that happened with our full house of family members. It's rare to have our kids all home at the same time.

Being in the middle of nowhere has its drawbacks as to the inconvenience of no direct flights... BUT the kids used that antiquated method of a car trip from Georgia with the baby.  Another couple combined a meeting trip to Chicago visiting us afterwards. 

It was super special to welcome 3 new faces to the End of the Rainbow Valley.  Georgians, son-in-law Evan and 9 month old Hannah made their first trip to the Coulee. 

Some of our well intentioned plans came to fruition but  weather definitely deterred a Monday picnic, bike ride on the converted rail beds, fishing and canoeing on other days. Being flexible with a baby's schedule was really not the issue but rain and heat were. 

Spring Green's House on the Rock was first on the agenda and where we met up and the beginning of the week's many surprises.

Unfortunately our intended picnic got rained out but we had fun none the less seeing the unusual architecture. Evan and Hannah weren't the only ones to be first time visitors as Natureman had never been here either. 

Touted as the largest  carousel boasting some 20.000 lights.
Due to a later starting arrival we could only partake in 2 of the three attraction areas. It was pretty much how I remembered it from some 20 years ago with a young daughter and son and the costly entrance fee even back then. It's a bit worn in some exhibits besides needing some housekeeping with some exhibit cases filled with those dang Asian Lady Beetles and spider webs obviously plaguing this home too. 

This is where the proposal took place...
But the priceless event was our first real big surprise in the House's Infinity Room which suspends over the forest below. Honoring my son's wishes for no pics publicly posted, he proposed to a very unsuspecting, now fiancee. It was extra special to be able to be with them at this moment. My daughter broke out the bubbly and plastic champagne glasses out of the baby's diaper bag to celebrate a toast to this momentous occasion. 

Memorable indeed.

The third new face in the End of the Rainbow Valley came in on 4 feet. It appeared on our hillside upon our return. Look to the left of her momma and you'll spot her. 

The new fawn came to meet Baby Hannah. How sweet! Stay tuned for a week of joy and surprises.

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