Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Our violets opened up just in time
for the holiday
 The very mention of Memorial Day conjures up time outside in the garden, parades, flags, music, cemeteries and food, right?

Ours included all of the above. We arrived a bit late to our local parade but we were able to catch the end.

 It's a small parade but we made it in time to see the bubbles... 

 the big boy toys donned with flags...

the  scouts,  both boy and

a new parade entry and perhaps a sign of the times, 
the local food pantry...

 The local fire department brought up the end of the parade and even had some leftover tootsie rolls for us old folk. 
Once the streets reopened, we made our way down Main St. Stoddard to listen to the fun music of Pigtown Fling, a group I've heard of but always missed. We couldn't stay long but we definitely enjoyed their tunes.
Then, it was on to town (La Crosse) to the memorial service to honor and remember those in the military who have served our country and are no longer with us. Union militia reenactors ended the short service in the Jewish Cemetery with a 3 gun salute followed by taps. It is always very moving.

The black bottom clouds and forecasted rain discouraged our possible picnic so we grabbed lunch downtown before our return home.  We were lucky to catch another musical group the Bus Boys as they were finishing their gig in Stoddard but those big rain drops started to fall and made them take cover. Electrified musicians don't need to risk their lives, right?  The rainfall was short lived. It was mighty kind of Hood Scoops to provide both groups as entertainment.

Sunlight was on our side and Natureman got in some more weeding here in the End of the Rainbow Valley and I finished my book in time for book club. 

A perfect Memorial Day even without the bar b que. Hope yours was memorable. 

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