Friday, March 30, 2018


FOTO FRIDAY this week is something I have not seen before and demonstrates how marketing is finally figuring it out regarding labeling products for specific clients. In this case a pretty untapped market.

Some Jewish homes follow a strict dietary observance during the holiday of Passover which begins tonight. To tell you it's not easy to find specific products for the holiday is an understatement and then every once in a while either an unexpected thing happens and lo and behold a product appears to make life easier. 

In the cooler there sits orange juice marked Kosher for Passover and NON GMO no less... Wonders never cease.

                   Happy Passover to all you orange juice lovers !


  1. There used to be lipstick for Passover. Does it still exist? That's what my mom and her mom laughed over.

  2. Since I never use lipstick, it's a mute point for me.