Monday, March 19, 2018


A sunshiny weekend was just the right prescription to get outside and search for my feathered friends. Strong winds had chased away more than the real feathered friends from the front garden bed. 

You've heard of snow birds flying South for the winter well,
one of my favorite kinetic metal sculptures of two birds had literally flown their coop/perch. Throughout the fall and winter seasons I had scoured the grounds looking for them. But alas all that winter interest was camouflaging their whereabouts. Wouldn't all the greenery eventually die back enough that a metal arc of 3+ feet be obvious with a bird on each end? You'd think, right?Snowfall didn't help the endeavor.

BUT yesterday was my lucky day. Less than 15 ft. on the other side of the garden bed I finally spied one of the metal birds under the remains of the large dried hellibores.

The birds are back in their place to supervise the winter cleanup in the next couple of months. At least they beat the golden finch changing colors... 

                It's nice to have you two back, you old snowbirds!

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