Tuesday, January 16, 2018


The extreme cold and first real snow fall couldn't keep us away from our community celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday especially since an unknown angel in a bright orange ski mask  actually showed up mid afternoon on a kelly green ATV and snow plowed our one mile driveway. He drove off before we could discover his identity and thank him. Sometimes it's the unexpected act that changes one's day and it was this type of selfless action that was emphasized last night at our Martin Luther King's Day celebration. 

Amidst the program of music and speeches the message was clear. Servitude. Do something for someone else. This year's 2018 community recipient of Marin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award is a big guy in more than stature. Nathaniel (Nate) Coleman Jr., a city bus driver also has a big heart as illustrated by lengthy letters supporting his nomination of countless acts of kindness to his riders who also found time to start The Good Fight Community Center, a neighborhood youth program for kids of all backgrounds and circumstances to have a safe place to go. In his acceptance speech he wanted to share a couple stories of why he was here. His first story was about his Mother...

Back in the 70's on a cold, wet snowy day Mr. Coleman's Mom caught the young cold female postal carrier at the door and invited her in for a cup of coffee. The carrier politely refused but his Mom reiterated to come in and warm up with a cup of coffee. Once again the carrier negated saying policy says you do not go into the customer's home. She couldn't come in. Well, you wouldn't believe what happened next as Mr. Coleman's Mom reached inside the mail lady's mail bag grabbing a handful of letters and threw them inside the house. Now, the carrier either had to go in / leave those letters behind.  Of course, his Mom had her way as the carrier came in to not only retrieve those letters but to have that cup of coffee as well.  In addition to the coffee before you knew it the carrier's wet boots and socks had been removed to dry and her cold wet feet were being massaged until they warmed up. That day the carrier was sent off with a thermos of hot coffee and plastic bags covering her feet to keep her warm and dry for the rest of her route. Come to learn this single mom mail carrier had been contemplating quitting the miserable cold job even though she had 2 small children at home. Thanks to this act of kindness and many thermos refills, the young mom continued on the job until retirement.

Nate Coleman quipped, "Now don't be grabbing the mail as these are different times and you'd probably end up in trouble with the law." We laughed but his messages were clear.  We do learn by example and a small act of kindness does make a difference. 

Do join me in making a pact this year to do something on a regular basis for somebody else. Not only will we make another's day better but we too will feel better in a what seems like a very selfish messed up world right now.  Servitude is part of Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy as we are all G-d's children... 

 ... Also if you are on FaceBook and would like to make a donation to the Center go to the page of the Good Fight Community Center where you will find a fundraiser for the  Center to continue its fine work with our youth.  Thanks. The  youth are our hope for the future.

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  1. Karen, those simple gestures and out reaches we do in someone's life can have such a lasting effect, even something as simple as your bringing me soup after my last surgery! Different gesture of kindness but same reception of gratitude from someone who appreciated it.