Thursday, January 4, 2018


After breakfast the following morning we did meet up with Alain's family visiting a different beach. It was a warm walk and the Aegean waters were very refreshing to say the least. Look at all those blues... 

The fresh morning air and water left us hungry for the lovely lunch Alain had prepared for us and we enjoyed it outside on his patio accompanied by wine, mais non?

After the delicious midday meal, of course, we needed a bit of a rest and Alain had plans to drive us to the medieval town of Bonifacio later in the afternoon. 

Along the afternoon drive was our first sighting of the charred remains of the fires which had been plaguing Corsica and southern France. Some say these in Corsica were purposefully set. The lack of rainfall certainly added to the dry conditions and their spread as acres were devastated. 

We also passed a popular nudist beach.  I didn't mention earlier in the day, an Italian family from our hotel had been on the same beach with us. It was difficult not to notice the young topless mother . Not an uncommon sight on European beaches but something to which we Americans are not accustomed.

Anyhow our destination was within an hour and we were awestruck by the impressive walled city of Bonifacio, the oldest Corsican town founded as a fortress in 826. Bonifacio is both fascinating in its history and geography.

Down at the marina the view was of huge yachts of the wealthy docked with their crews cleaning up as their owners either shopped/dined at the many restaurants.

Each yacht was fancier than the next and their crews wore matching uniforms. It was a glimpse into the European version of the Rich and Famous. Yeah, it looks the same the world over.

One can walk/drive up to the top
of the town passing many old/ renovated stone buildings with shops galore en route to the Citadel.  We parked up above and enjoyed the views of the picturesque town below with its steep streets and many stairs. 

The shorn massive cliff  Mediterranean views in Bonifacio were spectacular with Sardinia across the waters on the opposite coastline. 

The above ground graves in the Cimetiere Marin de Bonifacio reminded me of New Orleans and we were greeted by the wafting melody of a vocalist either practicing/ performing in the Chapel. 

After admiring the spectacular views we meandered our way back down the steep hillside, doing a bit of window shopping before reaching the marina and enjoyed some blues music and a glass of wine before dinner. You definitely burn off the calories with those inclines. This walking day would have been interesting on the Fitbit.

Bonifacio is a great day trip. We didn't have time to visit the caves nor go on a tour of the Citadel but the sights we did experience and we also tasted the region's famous breads and infamous (salty) fish stew. It was a bittersweet end to our Corsican visit. We certainly appreciated Alain's efforts and hospitality.

The next day we would repack our bags and fly out of  Figari the small but busy airport with a full flight back to Paris bidding farewell to Alain and Jim, our ever patient tour guide extraordinaire who would stay a couple weeks more before heading back to Marseille. Au revoir Corsica, Alain and Jim ...Thanks for the memories. 

Sally, Alain and Jim
*Next TBT we will finish up the Fabulous France Adventure...

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