Thursday, November 9, 2017


Have you had something in your closet so long that it has become an antique? 

Well, today Natureman and I enjoyed a beautiful fall day by going for a walk on Goose Island situated in the back waters of the Mississippi to see the beginning of the bird migration of the thousands of pelicans, tundra swans and many duck species as they begin their trek to warmer environs. 

As I have mentioned in previous Novembers, the birds will stay here long enough to replenish their food supply by feeding on the tubers of the arrowroot and lotus plants. It's also time to rest and regain their strength. They still have a long way to go...

Before heading out for the naturewalk, I  knew we'd be encountering muddy patches after our recent rains and I didn't need to ruin any more shoes.  I knew just the pair I needed so I climbed up on a chair to reach a pair of old hiking boots on the top closet shelf.  

I got these boots when I was a senior scout in high school.  Back then they took me on the Appalachian trail and onto trails in the Colorado Rockies. They have been on many hikes throughout the years.  As I removed them from their box today they had a new addition,  rust. Yes, rust.  I guess I am not the only one showing my age. 

Natureman always gives me grief about not wearing good walking shoes. Today I got sincere admiration for these 40 + year old veterans.

AND they also got to experience the beauty of the Upper Mississippi  Wildlife refuge with us...

Every year the birds amaze me with their perseverance as they arrive daily up until about Thanksgiving and then take off ... Okay you 'snow birds' have a great winter down South. 


  1. I’m looking forward to your feathered friends finding winter refuge on my lake! We’ve a large egret who scours the shoreline, and today a great blue, very blue, heron flew by. They need company!

  2. I hope some of these feathered friends make their way to you. Certainly not all of them !