Friday, March 21, 2014


Happy Spring everyone! 
This week's FOTO FRIDAY is something you think of when you think spring.

I have been driving by this neighbor's putting 'green' all winter and every time I see the flag, I have to smile. Although I personally am not a golfer this neighbor down the road obviously is.  It may be a while until he can find his golf ball unless he already got a hole in one. He should have known better than to use a white ball, right?

Have a spring hobby you are anxiously awaiting? 

Judi obviously has been somewhere other than Wisconsin to snap this pic/ maybe this is from last year. Tulips certainly signal spring! Cheryl's mind is also on blooming plants as  these white flowers are certainly sweet. 

Marti on the other hand looks forward to reading on her deck with a gin and tonic.

Submit a pic so it can be featured on FOTO FRIDAY. We had a lot of great submissions for the last FOTO FRIDAY:Click NEW COLOR: GREEN?

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  1. Definitely last year. But it gave me hope ...