Monday, August 21, 2017


It was time. Time for one of my most favorite local festivals, Kornfest, just north of La Crosse down the highway a piece in Holmen, Wisconsin. It's definitely worth the hour ride hour from the End of the RainbowValley as nothing beats eating corn on the cob than enjoying it with 100's of other folks. 

It's one of those feel good community events which comes with a parade, fun run, breakfast, car show, pie & ice cream barn, bingo tent, 
carni rides & games, horse shoe &volley ball class B tourna ments, music, a beer tent in addition to the American Legion's bar, chicken dinner with corn of course, and a corn station where a buck will buy you an ear of corn freshly cooked. 

Natureman even met the local farmer who donates the festival's corn and that is one heck of a lot of corn. 
One volunteer shucking station with the
garbage can for the discarded husks
in the center 

The Boy Scouts and their families man/woman the stations for shucking, selling and buttering. Salt is on your own.

The roasting is not a little person's station and the bigger guys keep the racks filled on the three roasting machines like those oversized convenient store hot dog cookers where they rotate as they roast.

 There's even a butter latherer provided who will leave your corn dripping and then it's up to you to add the salt to your heart's desire. ( I passed on the salt considering the amount of butter) To emphasize the amount of butter applied one just needs to take a look at the sidewalk which is stained with grease stains from the dripping corn. (See link below) Most folks don't even wait to get seated to polish off their corn. It's quite a sight.

On Saturday music doesn't start until 8pm and we faded a lot earlier but it was a terrific summer day for a convertible ride for some great corn at the best Kornfest around. If you missed it this year, there's always next August!

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  1. My favorite part was watching them apply butter with a paint brush and using the salt and pepper shakers hanging from ropes.