Monday, August 7, 2017


Some of the best travel advice I received was to be sure and take advantage of the Hop On, Hop Off double decker Paris city bus tour for an overview of the main sights. It was the perfect intro on our arrival day and if we hadn't been with Jim, a long time French resident who knew his way around the city, a two day pass would definitely have been the way to go for day 2 too. 

Due to our long travel day the 1 1/2 hour 8pm tour was ideal since we stayed aboard the entire loop accompanied by the prerecorded dialogue shock full of  historic interest.  In fact, there was so much to see, it was virtually impossible to take copious notes.  You will hear more about many of these sights in future entries. 

The moveable canopy top came in handy during our excursion as there were was an earlier light rain shower and during our ride some rain drops but the top opened up easily, allowing nice airflow and picture taking as you can see by this sampling of museums, monuments and government buildings.

Yes, perfect viewings of Paris from the upper bus deck above the bustle of traffic and people worked super well for these travelers. 

* During my research I learned the city bus Route #69, an east-west line is terrific for walkers as you can use your carnet ( tickets for bus/metro ) to stop at many of these sights. Do get on near the Eiffel Tower heading east to ensure a nice view from the bus. 

I would concur to use public transportation as the bus and metro routes are far superior than one finds in the States and can get you right to/within a couple blocks of your desired destination. Handy color coded route maps are available at the airport when you arrive/ the metro station/ some kiosks.

So welcome to Paris where we would spend 6 nights in order to see a lot of art during our Fantastic French 2 week adventure... To this visitor everything is art.

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