Monday, August 20, 2018


Did you know corn is better if you either soak it / steam hose it before you roast it?  According to the corn expert at our picnic table at Kornfest in Holmen the water makes for juicier roasted corn on the cob.

Who knew? 

But how can it be bad after it's been lathered in a vat of melted butter


                                      and salted? 

 Holmen's corn at Kornfest can't  be beat.

We also helped the Lions out by splitting a yummy chicken Q dinner. 

As they exclaim in the South,  "I was full as a tick."

Looking forward to next year's Kornfest already. 

Maybe that happens especially after the raccoons get all of one's corn...

Friday, August 17, 2018


FOTO FRIDAY finds me donning my newest t-shirt whose message had a hand, penmanship that is by my friend Sue with the designing help of her friend Catherine. 

I can attest penmanship is not my really my writer friend's forte but Catherine's diligence ensured Sue's repetition of writing the phrase over and over until  the best 'legible' example of each letter could be found. 

Sue doing is 'doing good' by taking the t-shirt sale proceeds of this motto on Zazzle and donating them to the La Crosse Public Education Foundation's Random Act of Kindness Fund. The motto  comes on a variety of styles.

Take a look on
* BTW they tend to run snug, so order at least one size larger!

Sue's dream is that every teacher gets one of these and its message becomes the theme for their classroom. In her words: "We should all work towards this so students, graduates, anyone should be kind and not awful to other humans." 

Today at the library an elderly man read my shirt aloud: Be a Kind Human and he added, "I try to be one." May we all try to be one.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


TBT:  Scouring an old photo album of my Dad's I was taken back to the late 1920's with a visit to Coney Island. 'Loved seeing the men's one piece swimsuits of yesteryear...  

Here's my Dad who was born in 1925

and my Grandfather Murray...

Swimsuits used a lot more fabric back then, didn't they?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

93 plus ONE TO GROW ON...

My Dad appreciated all your well wishes. Today the birthday boy kept his schedule and went to his senior swimming class where the 'girls 'had a small celebration in his honor.

Phone calls arrived throughout the day from grandchildren in Atlanta, Boston, Conway and San Francisco, family in Temple, Chaseburg and Little Rock. Friends from Indianapolis, NYC, etc... And then some 80+ well wishes on FaceBook. This 93 year old one was very happy celebrant.

Dinner was at one of his favorite places, The Riverfront Steak House which is known for their salad bar, huge baked potatoes and good quality steaks. Apparently Tuesday night it was also everyone else's favorite restaurant as the place was more packed than I've ever experienced. Although we had a table reservation, we must have waited a good hour for the freshly baked rolls and finally the food.  Wouldn't you know it was the birthday boy's steak which arrived rare vs medium and when it was redelivered he was trying to tell us it was burnt? We knew you couldn't judge a book by its cover and once he discovered its insides just right, disaster was avoided. Going out with this man is never easy as he was genuinely spoiled by our Mom...

Since Dad's mind was set on chocolate mousse for dessert  and the restaurant only had cheese cake, my brother and I had combined 2 chocolate mousse recipes the previous night. The remainder of our celebration was awaiting us at home. BTW Two thumbs up for the mousse.

Ollie the Gnome from Wisconsin'll be staying in
Little Rock
When someone close to you is in their 90's every birthday is special and his upcoming 'guide' spring fishing trip with my brother is greatly anticipated. It's always good to have something in the future to look forward to especially when you are 93.

Happy Birthday Young Man!

Here's to 93 and one to grow on.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Attending a shiva (Jewish ritual service during the mourning period) for a beautiful sister of 2 of my children's childhood friends was definitely not on my radar for this visit down South. 

But dear Meredith will not be celebrating her 35th birthday. 
After a sledding accident 8 years ago with prescription drugs to alleviate severe back pain, the path to addiction began, and ended with the use of heroin.  Her obituary shares the story of the demons which haunted this bright, beautiful registered nurse and the fight to conquer them. Rehab, relapses, more rehab and relapses. Meredith died of an overdose this past Wednesday.

Opioid addiction doesn't discriminate re: gender, age, religion, race nor social class. The most recent study I could find was from the American Society of Addiction Studies 2016 findings.

• Women are more likely to have chronic pain, be prescribed prescription pain relievers, be given higher doses, and use them for longer time periods than men. Women may become dependent on prescription pain relievers more quickly than men.
• 48,000 women died of prescription pain reliever overdoses between 1999 and 2010.
• Prescription pain reliever overdose deaths among women increased more than 400% from 1999 to 2010, compared to 237% among men.
• Heroin overdose deaths among women have tripled in the last few years. From 2010 through 2013, female heroin overdoses increased from 0.4 to 1.2 per 100,000."

I as many expectant Moms prayed for healthy babies with 10 toes and 10 fingers. We didn't foresee a world which might cut their gifts short nor extinguish a flame as bright as Meredith's. 

May Meredith's memory and the memory of way too many others be a blessing. We that knew you will miss you and send our love to all your family,  friends and community...

Monday, August 13, 2018


Not many folks think of going to a mall as a cultural art activity. My youngest brother shared North Park Center in Dallas for that very reason. 

Amidst high end stores a variety of 20th and 21st century art by renowned artists don the walkways allowing some 26 million mall visitors to enjoy art during a shopping experience.

If you find yourself at North Park, stop at the concierge for a complimentary map of the locales of the art installations. Below are some examples of the fine art we experienced on Saturday morning at a mall no less.

This Land is Your Land are three structures which are elevated water tanks standing next to each other. One needs to walk underneath them and look up inside the barrel where the light configuration is mirrored to create infinity. My favorite was the ladder that my brother pretended to climb.  

20 elements, 2004-200

I call this one soda addiction

Intermodal Elevation, 2015

Sustainable Flowers

Another popular one was by Kaws, the one I named 'Tired Kids and Parent shopper'  We know that's always the time to go home.  

After enjoying our loop around the art filled mall, I had the opportunity to go see where my brother and his family now live and spend a lovely afternoon with family. 

It was a great day in the big D.

Friday, August 10, 2018


FOTO FRIDAY: It was a toss up this week being back home down South in Arkansas  between a brilliant pink sunset sky posting a black cloud storm or the havoc 50mph storm winds can cause with 100+ year old trees. 

The trees won. 

Have you noticed how storms seem more frequent and fierce than ever before?

When one sees these old southern trees downed, their size is mouth dropping. AND if they manage to split/fall without destroying the houses for which they have provided shade for many years even more impressive.

Driving by different neighborhoods there's proof of Mother Nature's work. Gee, she sure has a dramatic way of pruning...

Did you/ any neighbors lose any trees this year with these torrential storms?

If you missed last FOTO FRIDAY, here you go: QUESTIONING