Wednesday, April 18, 2018


It's been a week since Jacqueline, our oldest goat was found laying on the barn floor unable to stand up. Our yearling Zelda was by her side bleating a sad little bleat to let us know things were not OK with her grandmother. There was nothing we could do to help Jacqueline... At day break the next day when I walked into the barn to check on the two, there was the most endearing sight of Zelda cuddled next to a cold Jacqueline. 

Jacqueline had been a surrogate Mom to last year's twin kids, Zelda and Zoko as her own last kid had died of internal bleeding. Some goats like people aren't great parents as was the case of the twin's mother Mancha. Mancha would let the twins nurse but then she would push them brusquely away. It was Jacqueline who watched after them in the pasture. This past fall it was time to give Zoko, the male kid to a neighbor and Mancha went with him as she would not be bred again by us. Our goats are for milking, not meat. There's a reason, I name them if you catch my drift.

Natureman had dug a grave the previous day as two days of rain were expected followed by a winter storm of sleet and snow.  So Jacqueline's grave was awaiting her and she was buried. Little Zelda stood there bleating her little heart out. She wouldn't stop...

Timing wasn't the best as I was headed out for a girl's day in Milwaukee but before I left, Natureman and I discussed the possibility of going to the next Wednesday market and purchasing a pregnant goat to bring home as a companion for Zelda. I called that evening to check in and a 'chipper' Natureman answered the phone.
I was taken aback as I was told the news.  
New additions

Maybe you can guess. That very afternoon he had found an ad on Craigslist about a kid's 4 H project of an Alpine Saaunen doe whose neighbor's buck goat had jumped the fence.  Yep, now there was also a baby doe. The family didn't want 2 goats. So guess where they are living now?

left Zelda and Floppy with her Mama far right...
Zelda and the two are getting along famously.  In fact, Zelda now has a little sister to 'get her goat.' I just love happy endings, don't you?

Natureman has named the baby Floppy due to her ears. Any suggestions for the Mama ?

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