Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Tuesday I had the opportunity to see someone in person I haven't seen for a couple of decades at UW-L's Cleary Alumni Center. Do we ever really know what paths life will take us on? Sometimes we have an inkling. Some know early on that everything is political and are destined to be involved.

Monica, County Board
For many of the people taking the stage late morning I wonder if they knew how much politics would consume their lives early on in life-  my book club friend Monica, local politicians UW-L alumni, WI State Senator Jennifer Shilling and Rep. Ron Kind. 

All spoke about the importance of Wisconsin getting out the vote, voting early and about changing the face of both our state and
Shilling & already voted sticker
federal congresses. 
Re-electing Shilling and putting WI's Russ Feingold back into the Senate. They also referenced the ugliness of this Presidential campaign and the opponent's tactics as we all have heard ad nauseum and will continue to hear for the next two weeks.  Of course there were quips too, i.e. Sen. Shilling's remark about noticing at her breakfast table that her carton of milk and Trump had something in common. They both expire on Nov. 8. Ba da boom.
Ron Kind Ba da boom. 

Rep. Kind did a terrific job of stalling long enough for whom we were all waiting to hear.

The police officer next to me commented that she had to probably nurse her daughter. It made me wonder if that was the case... 

When Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, took the stage, she was composed, poised and actually looked rested for a mom of a toddler son and a 
4 mo. old daughter. She wore a Hillary t-shirt and jeans. 

The last time I had seen Chelsea close up was when she was also wearing jeans in public middle school with one of her good friends, a babysitter of my kids, a couple of decades ago. If memory serves me well, she was wearing braces back then. The next time I saw Chelsea was from an office building window across from the Old State House in Little Rock, as we witnessed her Dad, Bill, and family on victory night which meant a move to D.C. for their family. 

Chelsea Clinton has been in politics all her life stuffing envelopes from early on and now serving as vice chair for the Clinton Foundation. Her Stanford education has served her well. She, as you probably have guessed, is one of her Mom Hillary's biggest supporters. Her comments were now not only as a proud daughter but those of what every parent wants for  their children. Universal early childhood & development programs, safe, drug free schools, access to healthcare including mental health.

In fielding questions after her speech she specifically mentioned her  Mom's platform for the expansion of Medicaid, insuring a public option, using tax credits, and negotiating directly with insurance companies for better prices. All of these will greatly impact our future. 
                      Chelsea, you do your parents proud.

So as Chelsea Clinton reminded us, it's time to cast our votes to vote for candidates that don't separate us based on race, ethnicity, gender nor socioeconomics but rather have us all working together. 
May WISCONSIN and our country be together and be stronger for it.

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