Thursday, July 6, 2017


Did you ever notice that sometimes we jinx ourselves? Take for example my comment just this week about our garden success here in the End of the Rainbow Valley. It was to the effect that even if there is crop failure and we get 'skunked' there is still the local farmer's market. 

Well, wouldn't you know this was misinterpreted and driving home from a lovely July 4th dinner party in Wild Cherry, my 89 Mazda Miata, right after dusk, we were enjoying the summer night air until I heard a small thump. "What was that?" Natureman replied, "We just ran over a sk..." He didn't even have to finish the word as an odiferous smell filled the car. 

Not our roadkill. Pepe Le Peu was MIA.
Was this this poor guy's last spray? Pepe Le Peu was nowhere to be found so he obviously escaped death. Natureman said he missed him but the guy certainly had enough time to raise his tail. 

When you are in a convertible, the skunk's spray is definitely staying with you the rest of the way home. Cherry got to sleep outside the garage last night. It was still really potent yesterday. 

After spending the day talking to detailers, I'm surprised they are basically clueless as to how to handle the smell but want to treat it like a smoker's car, an undercarriage powerwash, cleaning out of the air vents and ozone treatment inside especially with the fabric seats and carpeting. 

So, does anybody have experience dealing with their car getting sprayed and how to get rid of the smell? 

Just want to add those famous life's words of wisdom. 
"Be careful what you say, it may come back to haunt you" even if misconstrued.

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  1. Ewwwwhhh. but I loved the made me start to sing the song "dead skunk in the middle of the road". If you're not familiar with it, google the'll appreciate the lyrics.